Pavers Fort Lauderdale Reviews

The new driveway installation is looking great! Had these guys build me some new interlocking pavers for my driveway, very pleased with the way it looks. Came out super colourful also because of the seal coating. Service was quick and the price was agreeable, would recommend then for any kind of residential work like this.

I really appreciate the work done by Pavers Fort Lauderdale. I spoke with them about project proposals and they had an assessment by the end of the day. When they began work, they were more than willing to communicate the status of the project. I was pleased with their teams’ skills and how quickly they paved our properties in Ft. Lauderdale.

My new go-o for pavers work around my house. I had a few different types of walkways I was trying to lay down, as well as a new driveway to replace to ughly one that the previous owners didn't care for. I just needed something that would look good with the red dish color accent that is around my property. The interlocking pavers look excellent, and I am glad that I went with these guys to get it done. The quality and installation was good, so I recommend them for others in the area.