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Looking to install patio pavers for your next level home improvement project? When it comes to pavers and hardscapes for your patio, the only professional experts trusted by Fort Lauderdale is none other than the Pavers Fort Lauderdale! We have the experience, the products, and the services to be Fort Lauderdale’s gold standard company for patio pavers.

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When finding the right company for your Ft. Lauderdale patio paving, you do not want to gamble by choosing someone with an unproven professional track record. At Driveway Pavers, we have the experience necessary to give you an amazing professional service for your Patio paving. Our team is composed of licensed, certified, and insured patio paving experts who are qualified to handle all of your patio paving needs. From installations to repairs, our team does it all. We have seen the horror stories from customers who call us to complain of the improper paving services that were given by underqualified companies or DIY projects. The result was a poorly installed pavement that had to be substantially repaired, and in some cases, replaced. In order to save yourself on a costly mistake, choose the only top-rated paver installation company in Fort Lauderdale to handle your patio; choose Driveway Pavers!

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Professional Paver Staff

Did you find us when typing “best patio paver near me” in your Google search? It’s because Google doesn’t lie. We are different from the other paver companies in Fort Lauderdale because we offer professionally masterful installations and repairs for all patio pavers/hardscaping, we provide the best customer service, and are priced at an unbelievably affordable rate!

As we mentioned earlier, no other paver company can match our experience. We are local residents of Fort Lauderdale, which means we have a great pulse on the best practices for patio pavers. We have worked with thousands of customers to answer their questions, complete their first-ever installations of patio pavers, and make miraculous repairs to their ailing patios.

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Best Patio Pavers Customer Service

In addition to experience, we are also the leading patio contractor when it comes to customer service. When you call us, submit an online inquiry, or come in person, you are greeted with a Florida-warm and welcoming staff. We walk you through our catalog while educating you on the process of patio paving so that you can maintain your newly acquired asset. We take the necessary measures to ensure your patio is within city code and that it is completed flawlessly. Even better, we give you an extensive complimentary service warranty on your patio installation that is unrivaled by our peers. If something is damaged or a part starts to wear, we will correct it immediately at no charge to you!

Lastly, we are affordable. With our flexible payment plans, many of which are interest-free, you can fully fund your perfect patio without breaking the bank. We are also committed to helping you find the best fit for you. As a company of integrity, we will never try to sell you on the priciest materials just to simply profit off your lack of knowledge in patio paving. We make sure you are aware of your options and the pricing of your proposed services so that you truly get the right patio for your unique situation.

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Patio Paver Materials

When you take a glimpse into the all-encompassing catalog of Driveway Pavers’ inventory and styles, your mouth just might fall to the floor. Don’t worry; it’s falling on only the finest pavement and hardscaping products in the Ft. Lauderdale area. That is because our team’s warehouse, which is inconvenient proximity to downtown, has unprecedented access to the best paver materials from around the country in order to locally source them. This means that the very best paver materials are almost already in your backyard as we speak!

As you browse through some of our most popular styles, you will be amazed by the incredible selections offered by Ft. Lauderdale’s Driveway Pavers.

Concrete Pavers:  Our concrete catalog has breath-taking Belgard and Tremron designs for your traditional and contemporary models. The interlocking design creates an impressive architecture that will wow your guests at your next backyard barbeque. Because of our vast customization options, you can have the strength and durability of concrete while mimicking the absolutely charming aesthetic of brick pavers and hardscapes.

Travertine Pavers: This category of paver materials is made of natural stone, including Limestone and Flagstone, for an all-natural look and sustainable hardscaping option. It is prized for its durability, reusability, great value retention, and environmental compatibility.

Brick Pavers: This trademark paver style got its name because the red bricks that are used in your patio installation were once used in turn-of-the-century buildings in Chicago. That’s right, we turn you patio into an antique piece of historical prowess by sustainably using Chicago red bricks. It adds incredible charm to your home, and this material is highly coveted.

While the options listed above comprise some of our most heralded inventory, there are plenty of additional options for your patio paver design needs that can be introduced in our catalog during a consultation with our Pavers Fort Lauderdale customer service team. We are committed to finding the best solution

Pool Patio Pavers

Not only do we specialize in Patio pavers, but Driveway Pavers can install your pool patio pavers as well. From brand new installations to joining your pool with a previous service, we offer incredible customization and flexibility to get you the perfect pool patio. When combined with a new patio installation, customers get savings on bulk products while getting their one-stop-shop for all of their backyard home improvements.

Best Patio Paving Company in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Are you ready to turn one of these patio paver possibilities into your backyard patio paradise? Contact our team today and we will be happy to get you started. Simply call our phone number during regular hours of operation or submit an online inquiry form to get connected with our world-class customer service representatives and design specialists. No inquiry is too big or too small; here at Driveway Pavers, we will answer your questions and walk you through the entire process with the utmost commitment to 5-star service. Come check out your free consultation and estimate for the patio paver of your dreams!

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