How to Choose a Type of Pavers

Well, there are many different types of pavers, but there are only three different types of paver material. Concrete, brick, and natural stone. With this in mind, we can go over the different things you are going to have to think about when deciding which type of paver works best for you. No worries though, the whole reason I’m writing this is to ease your worries and help you out.


When deciding on the type of paver that you want, it is important to consider the look that you are going for. I mean, the whole reason anyone gets pavers is for the way they look, right? So if you want to get some pavers, you want them to match the color scheme that you want. If you want to do the whole yellow brick road thing… maybe reconsider. The point of the pavers is to accentuate the home not make everyone confused at what they are looking at. You don’t want your home to be too busy. The color will most definitely decide the overall feel of the home. If you want a calm and relaxing look, going for some concrete pavers is a great idea. Some great things about concrete pavers are that they are no trouble to install if you don’t want grey but some other color that’s no problem because they come in different colors, they are cheaper than brick pavers, and it’s more durable than if you just got a poured concrete road.
If you are looking for something that gives your home an amazing pop; something that makes people stop and say, “wow, that’s nice.” Then brick pavers might be the way to go. In terms of color, these things add an amazing pop and they have great benefits like their ability to come in some different colors and styles, and also the fact that they are naturally made material which allows them to be reused, cleaned and/ or salvaged.

Large Or Small

Large pavers are great if that is the look that you are going for. There is a difference between large and small pavers even beyond just the look. Large pavers are great for patios and backyard spaces. The important thing to remember is that the larger the pavers, the smaller space will appear. So, if you are looking for a space to appear larger, using large pavers is actually the wrong way to go. Large pavers aren’t good for driveways. Not only because they will make space appear smaller, but also because the larger the pavers, the more susceptible it is to cracking and damage; large pavers can’t deal with a lot of weight.

Small pavers are great for driveways and front walkways because they make space appear larger. Not only that, but smaller pavers have much more design flexibility than larger pavers. They also can deal with more pressure. This means that they will look great and work wonderfully for your driveway as these pavers can take a good amount of weight and won’t crack as easily. The important thing to keep in mind though is what type of pavers you want for your space and what pavers you feel will work best for the space that you have! If you feel like large pavers work best for your driveway… maybe rethink that.


This is one of those important things that everyone considers when choosing pretty much anything; how much does it cost. Well, this is when you need to do a bit of thinking. How much does it cost is pretty broad when talking about pavers. It isn’t just the base cost of the paver. You also need to consider how much of that paver you are going to need. How big is the space that you are going to want to be covered in pavers? What size paver are you getting? Are you looking to have the color of the paver changed? What type of style are you looking to have your pavers in?

These questions are very important when one is thinking about the price. You really can’t just have a base price for everything. You need to figure out a few things before you realize the price. If you have a budget, it would be a good idea to find a paver that fits in that budget and make sure you count the cost of installation and any aesthetic changes you wanted to make to the paver. If you ask yourself all of the right questions, you will have no problem coming up with an estimated cost.

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