Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

So, you are thinking about getting an outdoor kitchen and you are wondering which appliances would be best to install. Well, that’s the whole reason we wrote this article. We want you to have the best possible outdoor kitchen and to do that, you need to know some appliances that are considered ‘must-haves.’ If you are going to invest in an outdoor kitchen then you should most definitely invest in a few of these appliances. Not only are they amazing, but you will soon think of them as must-have items as well. Alright, let’s begin!

Pizza Oven

So, it is very rare to meet someone that doesn’t like pizza. (Honestly, I was one of those people and I still am not sure how I feel about it sometimes.) If you aren’t like me then you very likely like pizza, right? That’s great. Then, I can only suggest that you get a pizza oven for your outdoor kitchen. This not only gives you the ability to make amazing pizza, but it also gives you an amazing feature piece at your next backyard party! If you are looking to impress, then a pizza oven is the one to get.


I mean, really. Can we have an outdoor kitchen if we don’t have a sink? It would be pretty bad if we had a pizza oven and then we couldn’t wash our hands before or after. While a pizza oven may be a bit more of a want, a sink is definitely a must-have. A sink allows you to wash your hands when you are cooking or even if it’s something as simple as you spending some time in the yard and wanting to wash your hands without having to go all the way inside. A sink… really think about it.


Okay, this might not be a must-have for everyone, but if you like to smoke meat, this is a must-have for you! I mean, smoked meat tastes delicious and if you have the opportunity to have an outdoor kitchen, then you should most definitely consider getting one. Your backyard parties most definitely won’t be the same once you get the smoker installed. You don’t only need to smoke meats though! You can smoke vegetables as well! This… this isn’t a cooking blog though… One last thing though! You can use your smoker on thanksgiving to smoke your turkey! Ever had smoked turkey? All the more reason to get a smoker, no?

Power Burner

So, what is a power burner? Well, let’s say that you are having a huge Italian themed party. You are going to need to make a LOT of pasta. A power burner can help you with that, no problem! Put a really big pot of water on that and you will have boiling water in minutes! Not only pasta though, anything that needs to boil! A ton of water for coffee, tea, potatoes, vegetables, soup, anything!  It provides you with a great way to make the meal quickly! Rather than having all four burners going at once making water for the party, the power burner can take care of all of it!


Okay, so you are probably wondering why I kept grill until now. Well… I mean, there really isn’t a particular reason. Anyway… a grill. So, everyone knows that this is the total must-have. Grills are amazing any type you decide to get. Meaning if you want that grill from the Turbo movie or if you want the ole’ classic round red top grill. No matter which type works for you, a grill in general works for your outdoor kitchen!

Warming Drawers

It’s likely that with your outdoor kitchen, you are going to have some guests coming over to your home. Those guests will like to eat, but not every single second of the party. That means that when they want to eat again, the food should be warm, right? Well, that’s the purpose of warming drawers! When the people have had enough of eating but the party still has six hours to go, warming drawers are a great way to keep the food warm for the party-goers!

Outdoor Refrigerator

This one is a definite must-have like the sink. If you want to have an outdoor party and you want to keep the sodas cold and the cold treats… well, cold, then you definitely need to get an outdoor refrigerator. Not only is this great for when you have parties, but it is also great for when you just want to spend some time in the backyard and have the waters close and cold.

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